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24-hour Inge’Innov challenge INGERA2

02 February 2017 until 03 February 2017

Bibliothèque Marie Curie, INSA Lyon

Thanks to an investment by the student association of the Mechanical Engineering department, INSA Lyon is hosting the first edition of the 24-hour Inge’Innov challenge.

INGERA2, the main engineering cluster created in Lyon in 2015, is launching a major challenge to bring together engineers and students in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. Teams will be made up of 4 professionals and 4 engineering students from Lyon-based establishments. Together, they will have 24 hours to innovate and solve a new problem.

A great way of getting companies, students and the academic world to cooperate. A forward-looking approach to creating innovation!

Admission for participants only