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60-year reunion

13 November 2017

INSA Lyon - Réservé à la communauté INSA
Retrouvailles 60 INSA

Precisely 60 years on from their first day at INSA, the graduates from the very first year group will be once again reunited on the campus.

On November 12, 1957 a group of 300 engineering students began their studies on an unfinished campus. 60 years later, they have arranged to meet where they first started their studies all those years ago. Having witnessed the very beginnings of INSA and still holding the values which shaped its identity, they would like to pay tribute to INSA Lyon’s founder, Rector Jean Capelle. As such, this first year group will be called the “Rector Jean Capelle Year Group”.  

A time for sharing that will undoubtedly spark many strong emotions for the pioneers of a model that has developed tremendously since 1957. 

Relive the first days of this first year group in Chapter 1, “The birth of the INSA model”.

Discover this event in pictures :

Rencontres des générations Retrouvailles 60