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Année France-Colombie

“Aguas Urbanas” Symposium

31 May 2017 until 02 June 2017 - Sur inscription

Cartagena, Colombie
France Colombie INSA Lyon Aguas Urbanas@

As part of France-Colombia year, INSA’s Waste, Water, Environment, Pollution laboratory (DEEP) is taking part in the “Aguas Urbanas” Symposium held in Cartagena, Colombia. 

This international symposium associated with the annual congress of ACODAL (the Colombian Association of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering) is organized by the “Ciencia e Ingeniería del Agua y el Ambiente” research group of Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá.

It will focus on four main topics:

  • water quality,
  • infrastructure management,
  • new trends in urban water management,
  • risk management.

Each topic will be addressed by a French expert and a Colombian expert. Two round-table discussions will also be held: one on the current problems associated with urban water in Colombia; the other on the prospects for urban water in Colombia.

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The DEEP laboratory carries out multidisciplinary research into environmental engineering, from experiments on laboratory pilots to long-term, concrete environmental issues across urban and industrial environments. The knowledge, methods, procedures and models produced by the laboratory make it possible to carry out specific initiatives to preserve or restore the environment, in two application areas: water & urban hydrosystems, and solid wastes, contaminated soils & sediments.

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