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Annual Congress of the French Society for Metallurgy and Materials

23 October 2017 until 25 October 2017

INSA Lyon - Sur inscription
Journées annuelles de la SF2M

The French Society for Metallurgy and Materials (SF2M) is organizing its Annual Congress on the topic of materials, micro-structures and functionalities.

The South-East Section is organizing the 2017 edition of the SF2M Annual Congress in cooperation with INSA Lyon’s MATEIS and CETHIL laboratories and with the support of members of the Lyon/Saint Etienne Engineering Federation (Ingélyse) and the Carnot Institute I@L.

Polymer, metallic and ceramic materials and their composites are of strategic interest to all technology sectors, such as the aerospace, nuclear, transport, biomedical, housing, sport and leisure industries, etc. This Annual Congress aims to highlight the following three aspects: materials, procedures and properties, by presenting significant advances in terms of new procedures and structuring the surface/volume of materials, multi-scale/multi-physical modelling and characterization techniques, and the strategic application areas in which specific materials engineering can improve performance.

The event will cover four generic topics divided into different sessions. They will address thermomechanical, physical, physical/chemical and digital aspects as well as materials science training and the relevant professions:
- Advanced microstructural studies at different scales,
- Architectural materials and composites,
- Interface and surface engineering,
- Training and passing on materials knowledge.

Visit the event site for a detailed program and to sign up