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Augmented paper workshop

01 November 2017 until 06 November 2017

INSA Lyon - Sur inscription
Workshop papier augmenté Organic Orchestra INSA

Five days of meetings and exchanges: a chance to merge ideas, put them into writing, turn them into prototypes, bounce them back and forth or simply store them away in a little compartment of your head for later...

Gray matter, zany projects, great ideas and small solutions, remarkable questions, unexpected answers: within a group made up of different profiles, everyone shares their two cents, their expertise and their inquisitive nature and ends up more enriched as a result. The results of the workshop will be unveiled on November 6.

The company Organic Orchestra has been organizing artistic, technical, technological and human research sessions since 2014. To mark 5717, INSA is inviting the company to the LyonTech-la Doua campus!

The event will take place in response to the Aïdem installation, showcased in INSA’s Marie-Curie Library from October 12, 2017. At the end of the workshop, the aspiring artists and engineers will add their vision to this creation.

Sign up before May 30, 2017

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Workshop in South Korea as part of French Season, 2015

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Workshop papier augmenté