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Concert “Autour de Verlaine” (A tribute to Verlaine)

05 April 2017 - 20h30

Rotonde des Humanités
Autour de Verlaine INSA

Poetry set to music.

A tribute to Verlaine, one of the most popular poets among French composers – an evening concert of Verlaine’s poetry set to music featuring:

  • Jean-François Rouchon, baritone, INSA SGM engineer 2001,
  • Jean Bacot, pianist, INSA GCU engineer 1970,
  • Michel Tranchant, pianist, honorary professor at the Lyon CNSMDL.

The three musicians wish to bring together fans of poetry and chamber music and highlight a special use of the piano: creating a dialogue with the voice to form a real ‘duet’, just like in a sonata for violin and piano.

Jean-François Rouchon’s atypical career clearly demonstrates the success of the arts-studies sections at INSA Lyon, which give engineering students the chance to combine a demanding artistic pursuit with high-level scientific training.

This concert will unite three different profiles: a professional musician, an amateur musician and a music teacher.

It is organized by the Cultural Service with the support of the art-studies section and the students of the INSA Music Society (AMI).


  • C. Debussy, La mer est plus belle; Le son du cor; L’échelonnement des haies; Clair de lune; Il pleut dans mon cœur
  • C. Bordes, L’heure du berger; Le son du cor; Chanson d’automne; Sur un vieil air
  • G. Fauré, En sourdine; Prison; Mandoline; Clair de Lune
  • R. Hahn, Chanson d’automne; L’heure exquise; La bonne chanson
  • G. Sacre, L’heure du berger
  • M. Ravel, Sur l’herbe
  • E.-A. Chausson, Le chevalier malheur

Free admission, reservation required