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European Polymer Congress

02 July 2017 until 07 July 2017 - Sur inscription

Cité Centre des Congrès, Lyon
European Polymer Federation 2017

16th edition organized by the European Polymer Federation, chaired by Jean-François Gérard, University Professor and former Research Director at INSA Lyon, the French Polymer Group, INSA Lyon, the University of Lyon and the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS).

Congress topics:

  • Macromolecular Chemistry: from Precise Chemistry to industrial polymers
  • Polymerization Processes: Polymerization Processes and Polymer Processing
  • Physics of Polymers & Polymer Materials
  • Polymer Characterization Methods
  • Modelling & Simulation
  • Polymers as Answers to Societal Issues: Energy, Transport & Mobilities, Resources and Environment, Global Health, Information Society, Polymers and the Industry of the Future

Various events will be held during the congress: 

  • Plenary conferences by Professor Jean-Marie Lehn, winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, as well as other key scientific figures and industrial partners (LEGO, SOLVAY),
  • “Polymers Industry Future” day organized by the AXELERA, PLASTIPOLIS and TECHTERA competitiveness clusters, with round tables, speeches by industrial partners and European industrial clusters,
  • “Smart Polymer Textiles” workshop based on the Lyon-Japan think tank, organized by the TECHTERA competitiveness cluster,
  • Australian-European Polymer Session,
  • Honorary doctorate award ceremony (one awarded to INSA Lyon).

For further information and to sign up, visit the Congress Center website