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30 ans ARPET

Inauguration of the new Rhinoceros

01 June 2017 - 14h00

Pelouse du Premier Cycle, INSA Lyon
Nouveau rhino INSA

To mark the 30th anniversary of the arts-studies section, the students are creating a new-generation Rhino!

Stemming from an ambitious project involving designing and creating a cast-iron sculpture, the students will be unveiling their work inspired by the INSA Lyon mascot. It will be showcased on the “Pelouse du Premier Cycle”.

The Rhino sculpture, created by the artist Jean-Marc Bonnard, has been INSA Lyon’s mascot since 2003. This impassive “creature” on the lawn in front of the Humanities Building fuels the students’ creativity and changes color depending on their mood. Our INSA Rhino has been given many a colorful new look, decorated with polka dots or stripes, in INSA red, fluorescent green and even pink!

Free admission