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Innovation stories: industrial visions

29 June 2017 - 9h00-18h00

Amphithéâtre Est, bâtiment les Humanités, INSA Lyon - Sur inscription
Histoires d'innovations : regards industriels

Following on from an initial meeting on innovator biographies held in 2016, INSA Lyon’s Gaston Berger Institute is organizing a second workshop.

In partnership with the science team (S2HEP-Lyon1 laboratory) of the “ingénieurs ingénieux” institutional chair, the aim of the workshop is to establish, by looking into stories about contemporary innovations, whether it is possible to identify the implementation of a school of thought described as creative rationality. The latter is a school of thought creating a link between universes, disciplines or business sectors which are allegedly very distinct.

These annual workshops are organized within the scope of the discussions led under the umbrella of axis 2 by EA 4148 S2HEP and the “ingénieurs ingénieux” chair funded by Saint Gobain. The “Ingenious engineers” chair is the first human and social sciences chair at INSA Lyon. It falls within the scope of the Gaston Berger Institutes’ “Creative attitude” dimension and aims to make creativity and innovation objects of knowledge. It suggests developing knowledge on a school of thought which has long been rejected beyond the realm of science, i.e. creative rationality.

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