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Rencontres Etudiants Entreprises de la Plastics Vallée

07 December 2017 - 10h-18h

VALEXPO, Oyonnax
Rencontre Etudiants Entreprises de la Plastics Vallée

An event dedicated to the technological wealth and expertise of the largest European center of the plastics processing sector, organized by the students of INSA Lyon’s Oyonnax site.

The student associations of INSA Lyon’s Oyonnax site (Plast'Avenir and INSAAP) are organizing the first “Rencontre Etudiants Entreprises de la Plastics Vallée” (REEP). This event is designed to be a key platform for exchanges between companies in the plastics processing sector and qualified students (professional baccalaureate, BTS/DUT, baccalaureate+3, engineers and PhD students). 

- Company presentation stands,
- Theme-based conferences,
- Round tables on technical fields and professions.

For more information and to sign up, visit the 2017 REEP website.

INSA Lyon’s Mechanical Engineering department set up a specialist plastics processing and polymer materials section in 2004. This section has also been available as an apprenticeship sections since 2009. Two years of the course are spent on the Oyonnax site, in the heart of Plastics Valley.