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30 ans ARPET

World Rhinoceros Day

22 September 2017 - 12h30 - Entrée libre

Rhino 1

Our dear Rhino fell victim to a nasty poacher who stole his horn some years ago.

To mark World Rhinoceros Day, his fans are rallying together to make him a new one. Thanks to the efforts of the art-studies section, a new life is beginning for INSA’s beloved Rhino.

Come and celebrate the rebirth of our mascot!

The Rhino sculpture, created by the artist Jean-Marc Bonnard, has been INSA Lyon’s mascot since 2003. This impassive “creature” on the lawn in front of the Humanities Building fuels the students’ creativity and changes color depending on their mood. Our INSA Rhino has been given many a colorful new look, decorated with polka dots or stripes, in INSA red, fluorescent green and even pink!